New treatment adds years to cancer diagnoses and quality of life during final years.

Santiago de Chile, Chile – Global Stem Cells Group, a global network of doctors, researchers, and students that work together to share information and advancements in the study of stem cell develop and extraction today, this week made a very strategic and important agreement with Recell Centro Clinica, Dr. Ramon Gutierrez in Santiago de Chile.

The agreement, which will provide doctors around the world with protocols that help people suffering from cancer, establishes opportunities for patients to increase the quality of their lives and will be able to extend the life expectancy of those living out their final years battling cancer.

“The potential for stem cell integration and advancements with regards to cancer are tremendous,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We are honored to be working with such a regarded institution today, and are confident that our knowledge and infrastructure behind stem cell development will complement Recell’s cancer research.”

To complement the agreement, Global Stem Cells Group and Recell Clinica will be holding their first training this November 10, 2017. The two-day training program will provide doctors with the ability to learn cellular immunotherapy and how it can be implemented with cancer patients. The program will wrap up by going over the protocols necessary to administer the immunotherapy, and equips each student with real-life knowledge and expertise moving forward.

“As a clinic that is passionate about providing our patients with a cutting edge chance at survival past a cancer diagnosis, we look forward to our collaboration with Global Stem Cells Group,” said Dr. Ramon Gutierrez.

Recell Clinica is the only private clinic in the eighth Latin American region that has an integrated pathological anatomy unit that guarantees full traceability of procedures.

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Morocco – Global Stem Cells Group, a global network of practitioners, doctors, researchers, and medical advocates that work in tandem to advance the study of regenerative medicine and stem cell development in our world today, this week, through their Stem Cell Conference subsidiary branch, officially announced their International Society for Stem Cells Application (ISSCA) 5th International Regenerative Medicine Symposium will officially take place at the Hotel Sofitel in Rabac.

Occurring this September 30, 2017, the symposium stands to bring together the industry’s leading thinkers and doctors for days of collaboration.

To complement the hosting of the symposium, Global Stem Cells Group also announced a scientific program with three different modules that will be made available to event attendees.

“We are constantly developing new events, programs, and educational opportunities that provide doctors and students with the ability to learn about regenerative medicine in a live and supportive environment,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We are incredibly excited to be hosting our symposium at the Hotel Sofitel, and we look forward to administering our scientific program to all who are interested.

Module 1, Biologic and Molecular basis for Regenerative Medicine, includes cellular culture and expansion, therapeutic potential, bioactive agents, plus much more. Module 2, Therapeutic Applications: Adult Stem Cells from Bench to Bedside, goes through regenerative orthopedics, protocols, and clinical experiences for students. Lastly, Module 3, Regulations, Marketing and Global Overview of the Stem Cell Industry, is a U.S. Research Policy and Stem Cells overview of the FDA regulatory process today.

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Mexico City – Global Stem Cells Group, an overarching network of educators, researchers, practitioners, and trainers all adept and passionate in the field of regenerative medicine, this week announced following the Congreso Internacional de Medicina, Cirugia Estetica, y Obesidad in Mexico City, they will be hosting a two-day training course, overseen by Dr. Puritas.

As the keynote speaker for the forthcoming Medicine Congress, to be held from September 21 to the 23, Dr. Puritas will have an integral role in the two-day course, designed to provide students with concepts of cellular and molecular biology, as well as involved techniques of extraction and insulation of derived cells of adipose tissue.

“After serving in the role of keynote speaker for this year’s incredible international event, Dr. Puritas, one of our esteemed board members, will be overseeing our two-day, immersive training program,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “To be conveniently held in Mexico City, it will be easy for the Medicine Congress attendees to head on over to our facility.”

The two-day training will take place September 23 and 24, 2017. Comprised of 20-years of research and implementation in just two-days, the course will go over stem cell niches and their relationship to aging, anatomy of platelets, photo-activation techniques, anatomical locations, anatomy of bone marrow, foundations of scientific research and protocol, as described in Helsinki, practical experience under expert supervision, and the list goes on.

The training will take place at Hotel Benidorm in Mexico City.

“Our training program will fill up quickly, so be sure to reserve a spot as soon as possible,” said Dr. Novas.

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Stem Cells Group, an international network of regenerative medicine researchers, doctors, practitioners, and other key figures in the advancement of stem cell research, this week proudly announced one of their honorary advisory board members, Dr. Joseph Purita, will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Congreso Internacional de Medicina Estetica y Obesidad.

As a pioneer of using stem cell therapy and PRP for orthopedic conditions, Dr. Purita, a renowned regenerative medicine doctor today, will be speaking about anti-aging and orthopedic practices using the newest version of extractable stem cells today.

“Dr. Purita is regarded around the world as a cutting-edge, brilliant stem cell and regenerative medicine practitioner,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Stem Cells Group. “As an active member of our regenerative medicine network, Dr. Purita is constantly working to develop and advance this specific study of medicine. We are very excited to witness him in a keynote speaking role later this year.”

Dr. Purita graduated from the Georgetown University School of Medicine and completed his surgical practice services at the University of Florida Medical Center. Upon completing his residency in orthopedic surgery at the University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Hospital, where we served as chief administrative resident, Dr. Purtia joined the Boca Raton Orthopedic Group back in 1981.

He has been a member of the Medical Association of the South, Medical Society Palm Beach, Broward County Medical Society, American Academy of Anti-Aging, International Cartilage Repair Society, and the list goes on.

The Congreso Internacional will take place September 21 to the 23 at the Hotel Fiesta Americana Reforma in Mexico City.

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Contact: Mr Benito Novas
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Morocco – Stem Cell Center, a subsidiary organization from the Global Stem Cells Group international network of doctors, practitioners, researchers, and other passionate stem cell research personnel, this week excitedly announced they have appointed a new medical director at both their operations in Morocco and Baghdad. Now welcoming Professor Yasser Safiani in Morocco, and Mazin Shakir Mahmood MD in Iraq, the Stem Cell Center network expanded out this week.

Borne from a passion for constantly working to expand and contribute to the study of regenerative medicine in our world today, Stem Cell Center oversees workshops, fellowships, seminars, and more for sharing the organization’s new stem cell findings.

“We are incredibly excited to be welcoming two greatly esteemed individuals into our network,” said Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Stem Cell Center. “These are two individuals who, combined, bring more than 6-decades of immersive training and experience in medical fields, specifically regenerative medicine. We are incredibly excited to be working with them as our medical directors.”

Dr. Mahmood received his Bachelor’s Degree from the Baghdad College of Medicine in 1988. From there, he pursued a post-graduate degree in medicine at the University of Baghdad, and went to work as an Iraqi commissioner for medical specializations, as well as a professor for the German Hear Center. In 2010, he returned to Iraq and established his private center, which is still in operation today.

Professor Sefiani completed his primary education at Guessous in 1979. From there, he pursued a scientific Bachelor’s Degree, and became a medical faculty member at Rabat. Today, he is an esteemed professor of cardiovascular education, and he brings with him close to 4-decades of education experience.

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Casablanca, Morocco – Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of physicians, researchers, and medical advocates all working together to advance the study and application of regenerative medicine today, this week announced in conjunction with the International Society for Stem Cells Application (ISSCA), they will be hosting a new International Symposium in Casablanca, Morocco.

With the exact date and location to be confirmed in the forthcoming months, the two organizations expressed their excitement and encouragement for the already confirmed guests and presenters.

“There can never be enough discourse and exchange between the top performing stem cells researchers and practitioners in our world today,” said Mr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We have elected to host our new symposium in Morocco because we feel it is a great platform from which we can share the latest news about regenerative medicine with people from North Africa.”

Passionate about bringing the unmatched healing and advanced medical properties of stem cell application to every region around the world, Global Stem Cells Group will be focusing their efforts on North Africa with the upcoming symposium. Already, the group has reported they expect more than 1,000 physicians to attend the comprehensive event, with keynote speakers and hands-on workshops to be accessible to those in attendance.

The ISSCA and Global Stem Cells Group endorsed event will provide cutting-edge information on developments in all areas of stem cell research, including biology, applications, regulations, product development, and the ongoing commercialization of stem cells.

“This event will present invaluable networking and collaborative opportunities for those in attendance,” said Mr. Novas. “Stay tuned for official event details.”

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For Immediate Release: July 9, 2017
Contact: Benito Novas
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Casablanca – Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of doctors, practitioners, educators, and researchers all working cohesively to advance the implementation of regenerative medicine in our world today, this week announced under their subsidiary organization, Stem Cells Center, they are opening a brand new medical office in Casablanca, Morocco.

As part of the new office opening, Stem Cells Center will be partnering with LBL Medical in the Zone Industrialle Comune Urbaine.

“As an organization that is constantly working to reach as many people as possible with our regenerative medicinal breakthroughs and newly discovered information, we are absolutely elated to be opening a full-service medical office right in North Africa,” said Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We plan to use this new medical office to expand our networking opportunities in North Africa, and introduce our workshops, seminars, and fellowships available in many different stem cells fields.”

The Casablanca medical office will primarily help treat people living with degenerative illnesses. The main goal is to assess and address the illnesses by working towards improving the quality of life through regenerative medicine. The Casablanca team will work closely with patients, educators, physicians, regulators, and policymakers in the region to foster engagement and develop materials that promote stem cell technology.

Additionally, the new office will function as a regenerative medicine reference in North Africa, providing doctors with medical instruction regarding stem cells. For those wishing to implement stem cell oversight, they will be able to visit the office and collaborate with doctors, as well as participate in educational classes and workshops, to successfully bring back regenerative medicinal practices to their own clinics.

“Our offices are about more than working alongside our patients – they’re about spreading our discoveries, information, and research with as many eager and willing doctors as possible,” said Novas. “We are primarily an educational institution with a passion for advancing our regenerative industry as far and wide as possible. Spread the word on the official opening of our new Casablanca office, and consider stopping by at any convenient time in the future.”

Global Stem Cells Group is regarded as the first choice for readily accessible stem cell medicine around the world today. The network is comprised of the world’s leading physicians and medical practitioners that participate in constant therapy, research, and studying.

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Ciudad del Este, Paraguay – Global Stem Cells Group, an international network and affiliate group of doctors, practitioners, researchers, and educators passionate about advancing the study and implementation of regenerative medicine in our world today, this week announced they will be holding a new onsite training session from August 18 to the 20th in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay.

Positioned strategically to service and teach Sirio Libanes Group’s doctors about all of Global Stem Cell Group’s protocols regarding harvesting and reintegrating stem cells in medical offices, the onsite training is a private training only reserved for Sirio Libanes Group’s members.

“Two members from our esteemed group will be traveling to Ciudad del Este facilities to oversee the comprehensive 3-day training course,” said Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “Not only will they be teaching and training, they will also be delivering all the necessary equipment for the doctors to launch their own regenerative medicine practice right in Paraguay.”

During the 3-day training, attendees will be practicing with real patients that have varying conditions including: Diabetes Mellitus, Osteoarthritis, Arthritis, COPD, and other types of degenerative illnesses. Through the real-life examples, the participating doctors will get to witness regenerative medicine in action whilst being trained to use the necessary equipment for reintegrating and harvesting stem cells.

Since this is no ordinary Stem Cells Training course, the new onsite private training will provide one-on-one support to Sirio Libanes Group’s doctors regarding setting up the necessary equipment, resources, and infrastructure to transform their practices into successful regenerative medicine centers. Global Stem Cells Group will be providing them with all of the equipment they need to fully accept and service patients.

“It’s one thing to oversee curriculum and training with doctors – it’s another to come in, setup the necessary equipment, and train our students to properly use it once we have left,” said Novas. “We’re about useful education integration here at Global Stem Cells Group, and we want our training participants to be successful for years to come. We thank the Sirio Libanes Group for inviting in our team of experts, and look forward to this private training session later this August.”

Stem Cells Training accepts Onsite Training requests for any medical facility.

If you are interested in learning more about the Onsite Training program, visit:

For Immediate Release: June 25, 2017
Contact: Mr Benito Novas
Phone: + 1 305 560 5337

International Society of Stem Cells Applications to promote their Fellowship in Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering Course during the event.

Barcelona, Spain – Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of regenerative medicine professionals, practitioners, researchers, and teachers, this week announced they will be attending the 7th International Conference on Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine with a special focus on transforming repairs into regeneration this October 2 to the 4th in Barcelona, Spain.

To bring together world-class personalities working on stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine to discuss materials-related strategies for disease remediation and tissue repair, the conference will present Global Stem Cells Group with a formidable international platform for connecting with leading regenerative medicine personnel in action today.

“We are constantly looking for ways to collaborate with other like-minded, passionate individuals all looking to better the study of regenerative medicine,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We are honored to be attending this year’s conference in Barcelona, Spain, and look forward to hosting our Fellowship program starting on September 4, 2017.”

The Fellowship in Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering Course is a 6-day workshop that results in a certificate of completion issue by the President of Westminster Graduate School and Global Stem Cells Group. During the course, students will be immersed in a detailed program that focuses on hands-on experience in stem cell characterization and laboratory applications. Patients learn cell culture including plating, trypsinization, harvesting, and cryopreservation. At the end, students have an understanding of control tests including cell count, viability, flow cytometry, endotoxin, mycoplasma, and sterility.

Since the course focuses on immersive experience, patients are able to witness the procedures in real-time with professional support the entire time.

“We understand that the nature of our industry requires real, immersive, and professionally monitored exposure that prepares the students for expert application of stem cells once they complete our courses,” said Dr. Novas. “Spread the word on the availability of our Fellowship in Cell Therapy offering, and head on over to our ISSCA affiliate platform to learn more about the course offerings.”

The next Fellowship will take place from September 4 to the 9 in Bucheon-Si Gyeong-GI Province in the Republic of Korea.


Mexico – Dr. Benito Novas, the acting CEO of Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of practitioners and participants in the greater stem cells industry, and the Chief Marketing Office of Stem Cells Conferences ORG, was this week announced as the keynote speaker for this year’s Congreso Internacional de Cirugia Estetica De IESM. To officially take place from September 21 to the 23 of this year in Mexico, Dr. Novas will be discussing marketing in the health industry, as well as complementing other talks that will focus on stem cells in aesthetic surgery today.

Driven by his passion for helping physicians and scientists change the world through stem cell medicine, Dr. Novas has dedicated his life to creating critical organizational systems that ensure success.

“I am incredibly honored to be a featured speaker at this year’s Congreso, a monumental gathering of industry professionals all working together for advancing our world’s medicine today,” said Dr. Novas. “As a ‘big picture’ marketing professional, I plan to share my visionary approach to healthcare management, implementation, and process improvement with all in attendance.”

Dr. Novas is an expert in the field of specialized marketing focused on Biotechnology, Life Sciences, and Healthcare development. He uses his unique skill to bring industry announcements and developments to people around the world for the betterment of regenerative medicine.

As the founder and CEO of Global Stem Cells Group, Dr. Novas was also involved in the launching of Stem Cell Training Inc., a subsidiary organization that provides professional training courses in stem cell therapies for physicians.

Dr. Novas’ speech is officially called: New Marketing Tools for Aesthetic Doctors.

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