The Global Stem Cells Group - making the benefits of stem cell medicine a reality for both doctors and patients worldwide.


Welcome to the Global Stem Cells Group website!  GSCG is a group of companies, each dedicated to facilitating stem cell research and medicine.

Global Stem Cells Group was founded in 2010 by Benito Novas, an entrepreneur who became intrigued by advancements being made in the field of stem cell medicine. Determined to make these advancements available to as many patients as possible, Mr. Novas grew GSCG from humble beginnings to the company’s current status as a key player in promoting point of care regenerative medicine therapies worldwide.

Global Stem Cells Group administers a constant flow of knowledge and innovation regarding the role of stem cells in modern medicine. The company’s aim is to accelerate the process of getting promising stem cell research and technology developed into treatments and therapies, and made available to physicians and patients. We focus specifically on stem cell research as a source of potential treatments for a wide range of conditions and diseases—in fact, we strongly believe that stem cell and regenerative medicine protocols are the future of modern medicine. GSCG works closely with patients, educators, physicians, regulators and policy makers to foster engagement and develop materials that promote stem cell technology.


As a worldwide network, Global Stem Cells Group combines six major medical corporations, each focused on furthering the industry’s scientific and technological advancements to lead cutting edge stem cell development, treatments and training, while adhering to the highest medical standards. The combined efforts of GSCG’s affiliate companies provide medical practitioners with a one-stop hub for stem cell solutions.

Through Stem Cell Training, Inc. and the ISSCA-International Society for Stem Cell Application we provide intensive, hands-on stem cell training to qualified physicians and high level medical professionals worldwide, which includes regenerative medicine fundamentals and the latest cellular medicine protocols. Through our stem cell training programs, physicians are able to provide new therepeutic approaches for patients in a point of care enviroment. Through ISSCA , we share the latest methods, know-how, and technological facilities with medical professionals. We offer courses, seminars, and our Signature fellowship program 

Through AdiMarket, we provide an online resource center for biomedical products and equipment needed to conduct Regenerative therapies in office or clinic. AdiMarket is staffed by knowledgeable attendants to help each physician fulfill their specific product and equipment needs.

GSCG’s Stem Cell Center is a one-of-a-kind worldwide medical practice network of highly qualified, experienced physicians who provide Regenerative Medicine solutions within their areas of practice. Stem Cell Center is the largest membership network of regenerative medicine clinics in the world, providing cutting edge care with the latest advancements in cellular therapies to patients worldwide. Stem Cell Center's mission is to make the promise of stem cell medicine become a reality for patients around the world. Our program consists of a rapidly expanding network of physicians, each assigned exclusive territory within their country and/or specialty. Each Stem Cell Center physician is trained by our experienced staff of educators, secures all necessary medical equipment and supplies necessary to perform stem cell treatments, and contracts to perform stem cell treatments. Stem Cell Center physicians contract with GSCG in order for us to market, recruit and forward patients to their practices. 

VitaNovas is a mobile IV infusion company that provides in-home treatments with the final goal of revitalizing the body, replenishing your capabilities, and helping you regenerate functions that may have been lost over the years. We use our years of experience in the field to boost your health and energy levels, and to give you back the motivation and drive you may have lost– Giving our patients a new lease on life is what we strive for every day.

Our Stem Cell laboratory Division offers a turn key state of the art stem cell processing center allowing our clients to conduct research and perform highly advanced stem cell procedures. 

Our patient division  Cellular Hope Instite offers top-notch technology available and quality care, emphasizing that our patients are always our number one priority. Our highly qualified team of experts are equiped with the latest technology avaliable.located in downtown Cancun, right in the “Stem Cell Circle”, an area where several clinics and hospitals are focused on regenerative medicine. We are committed to inspiring hope and increasing the well-being of our patients as a whole, respecting each individual emotionally and spiritually. Our goals are to give our patients the best possible experience through the commitment of each and every one of our members.

Most of the world’s leading stem cell physicians and medical practitioners reference Global Stem Cells Group as their first choice for making Regenerative Medicine a readily accessible reality for their patients. These leaders in stem cell medicine trust the high quality of GSCG’s world-class stem cell therapies, research and development. If you have any questions or comments, we welcome you to contact us through email or simply give us a call. We’ll be happy to speak with you.