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Brings leadership in stem cell research, patient applications, and training to you through our state-of-the-art global network of companies. Our mission is to enable physicians to make the benefits of stem cell medicine a reality for patients around the world.


Benito Novas, Global Stem Cells Group CEO, Slated to Give Keynote Speech.

Novas is a global expert on medical practice marketing strategies, specifically those pertaining to regenerative medicine. MIAMI LAKES, Florida—Benito Novas, CEO of the Global Stem Cells Group, will serve as the keynote speaker at an event sponsored by the International Society for Stem Cell Application held in Mexico City on May 3-4, 2019. Novas is

Cancun Stem Cells Center Offers Hope for US Patients Suffering from Degenerative or Chronic Diseases

Free from US regulatory constraints, the center offers stem cells protocols needed to effectively treat a wide variety of disease. MIAMI LAKES, Florida—For physicians based in the United States looking for high-quality patient care in the realm of regenerative medicine, the Stem Cells Center in Cancun, Mexico offers a cutting-edge care solution outside of the

Adimarket Releases New Exosomes Product that Delivers Therapeutic Promise

AdimarketTM Flow uses exosomes in compliance with US regulations to provide innovative treatment options to those suffering from degenerative diseases. MIAMI LAKES, Florida—Adimarket, LLC, a subsidiary of the Global Stem Cells Group is a leading distributor of products for regenerative medicine providers, has announced a new stem cells product, exosomes, to its product portfolio. The



Dr Kipp Van Camp MD

Very impressed with the Company’s Professionalism. Thanks to your efforts I feel very comfortable applying these techniques in my office.

Melvis M Propis MD

Dr Vasilis Paspaliaris MD

Absolutely Fantastic!! Being involved with your Company has been a great Experience. I have enjoyed the camaraderie and professionalism of the colleagues on your team! Highly Recommended

Dr James E Baum MD

Dr Joseph Purita MD

It has been a pleasure working with you. Global Stem Cells Group Medical Professionals were very professional and I was very happy with the constant feedback that I received and how fast we were able to add Regenerative Medicine in our Practice

Dr Alvis Yee MD




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Benito Novas

Chief Executive Officer

Benito Novas is driven by his passion for helping physicians and scientists change the world through stem cell medicine. Dedicated to creating critical organizational systems that ensure success, he is an expert in the field of specialized marketing focused on Biotechnology, Life Sciences, and Healthcare development.

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