Free from US regulatory constraints, the center offers stem cells protocols needed to effectively treat a wide variety of disease.

MIAMI LAKES, Florida—For physicians based in the United States looking for high-quality patient care in the realm of regenerative medicine, the Stem Cells Center in Cancun, Mexico offers a cutting-edge care solution outside of the US. The Cancun center is a member of the Global Stem Cells Group network, which is comprised of a multi-disciplinary community of scientists and physicians collaborating to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through science, technology and regenerative medicine.

A number of conditions that patients present may require physicians to use treatment methods that will increase the cell counts that are delivered during the protocol. For patients suffering from chronic degenerative conditions or disorders based in genetics, physicians may need to culture expanded autologous cells. Currently, autologous stem cell expansion conducted in labs before being reintroduced into patients is not a viable treatment option in the US due to regulatory constraints.  Thus, both the patient and physician are left turning to less effective treatment options using only cells obtained in the medical office.

For patients suffering from some degenerative conditions, more involved methods of therapy and more aggressive ways of deploying cells may be necessary than current US regulations allow. To deploy these more aggressive forms of treatment, catheterization is ideal. To perform intricate catheterizations of the carotid artery and the vascular arteries of the brain, for instance, it is critical to have a properly staffed and equipped hospital to perform the procedure. A hemodynamics suite and having an intensive care unit nearby are essential tenets of such treatment protocols.

Patients requiring more aggressive and effective treatment options for degenerative and chronic diseases can receive the treatment they need at the Stem Cell Center in Cancun. Because the facility is located outside of the US, patients and physicians are not bound by regulatory limitations affecting lab-expanded autologous cells.

The Global Stem Cells Groups’ facility in Cancun is a Level 3 hospital equipped with an intensive care operating room and a hemodynamics suite ideal for patients needing critical treatments using regenerative medicine. Hospital staff includes a highly-ranked, high-level specialist in the area of regenerative medicine. Current facility protocols are in place to cater to patients needing the facility’s specialized services, and the hospital is associated with a local laboratory that can easily provide the amount of allogeneic cells needed for treatments requiring them.

Physicians with patients who may benefit from the medical services offered at the Stem Cells Center in Cancun are invited to reach out to set up a meeting to learn more about what services the facility offers and how to access the center for treatment. To learn more about the Global Stem Cells Group and the Cancun facility, visit