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ISSCA will conduct a hands-on regenerative medicine certification training course for physicians at its Stem Cell Center in Abu Dhabi July 8, 2018.

MIAMI, June 7, 2018—In an effort to consolidate its presence in the Middle East and focus on providing the best instruction to new regenerative medicine practitioners, the International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) has announced plans to conduct a hands-on regenerative medicine certification training course for physicians at its Stem Cell Center in Abu Dhabi July 8, 2018.

The intensive, hands-on training course teaches participating physicians how to harvest stem cells from adipose and bone marrow tissue. Qualified physicians will learn as they conduct regenerative medicine protocols on live patients under the direction of stem cell training experts. Skills learned in the training course can be used in the physician’s practice to treat patients and for career advancement opportunities.

The course also provides participating physicians with access to ISSCA’s online stem cell training course to review all content and procedures introduced during the two-day clinical training course, as well as patient forms and guidelines, procedures, informed consent forms, didactic lectures, training booklets, and more.

The ISSCA’s regenerative medicine protocols training course was developed for physicians and high-level practitioners to learn techniques in harvesting and reintegrating stem cells derived from patients’ adipose tissue and bone marrow.

The July 8, 2018, regenerative medicine training course will be held at the ISSCA Stem Cell Center in Abu Dhabi.

Seating for this training course is limited. Register today to participate by visiting the Stem Cell Training Abu Dhabi website, email, or call 305-560-5337.

About ISSCA:

The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) is a multidisciplinary community of scientists and physicians, all of whom aspire to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through advances in science, technology and the practice of regenerative medicine. ISSCA serves its members through advancements made to the specialty of regenerative medicine.

The ISSCA’s vision is to take a leadership position in promoting excellence and setting standards in the regenerative medicine fields of publication, research, education, training, and certification.

As a medical specialty, regenerative medicine standards and certifications are essential, which is why ISSCA offers certification training in cities all over the world. The goal is to encourage more physicians to practice regenerative medicine and make it available to benefit patients both nationally and globally. Incorporated under the Republic of Korea as a non-profit entity, the ISSCA is focused on promoting excellence and standards in the field of regenerative medicine.

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Global Stem Cells Group will host a stem cell training course in SVF and bone marrow aspiration techniques July 28-29, 2016.

MIAMI, July 28, 2016–Global Stem Cells Group, in collaboration with South Korean biomedical company N-Biotek will host a course in stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and bone marrow aspiration techniques for physicians at the N-Biotek headquarters in Gyeonggi-do Province of South Korea July 29 and 29, 2016.

The training course is part of a collaborative agreement between GSCG’s Adimarket division and N-Biotek, a worldwide stem cell trainingbiomedical and lab equipment manufacturer, to promote and distribute their stem cell technology equipment throughout Latin America.

The two-day, hands-on training covers the latest technology and procedures in SVF and bone marrow stem cell techniques. Practitioners learn skills that can be used to treat patients in their practices, and for career advancement. The SVF and bone marrow aspiration course was developed for physicians and high-level practitioners to learn techniques in harvesting and reintegrating stem cells derived from adipose tissue and bone marrow. The objective of the training teach effective, in-office regenerative medicine techniques.

stem cell trainingN-Biotek develops a range of custom lab products including the Esfomi cosmetic line, and the Stem Cell Total Solution for emerging stem cell businesses.

N-Biotek is the only company that builds the whole stem cell processing system for partners ready to begin work in the stem cell industry. N-Biotek meets every need for stem cell clinicians, including biological clean room construction, equipment installation and stem cell processing consulting.

N-Biotek currently distributes medical equipment and services to facilities and professionals in more than 100 countries.
For more information, visit the Global Stem Cells Group website, email bnovas@stemcellsgroup(dot)com, or call +1 305 560 5337.

About Global Stem Cells Group:

Global Stem Cells Group, Inc. is the parent company of six wholly owned operating companies dedicated entirely to stem cellGlobal Stem Cells Group research, training, products and solutions. Founded in 2012, the company combines dedicated researchers, physician and patient educators and solution providers with the shared goal of meeting the growing worldwide need for leading edge stem cell treatments and solutions. With a singular focus on this exciting new area of medical research, Global Stem Cells Group and its subsidiaries are uniquely positioned to become global leaders in cellular medicine.

About Adimarket:

Adimarket, Inc., a division of the Global Stem Cells Group, is a cost-competitive online marketplace for quality regenerative medicine equipment and supplies for physicians and health care professionals.

Adimarket was founded to provide physicians and other health care professionals the tools they need to practice regenerative medicine in a medical office setting. Motivated by a firm belief in the impact the practice of stem cell medicine can have when dispensed in a doctor’s office, Adimarket provides physicians with the tools they need to provide patients with cutting edge treatments.

Adimarket’s experienced customer service representatives provide valuable guidance and advice regarding products relevant to individual practices.

About N-Biotek:

N-Biotek, Inc., founded in 2000 and located in the Gyeonggi-do Province of South Korea, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bio-technology-related laboratory equipment. N-Biotek delivers high quality biomedical equipment to more than 100 countries.

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