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Global Stem Cells Group announces plans to expand its Stem Cell Center Network to include a new stem cell treatment center in Escazú, Costa Rica.

MIAMI, Dec. 21, 2017—Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG), a world leader in stem cell and regenerative medicine, has announced the opening of a new stem cell center in its Stem Cell Center Network in Escazú, Costa Rica. The new center will focus on treating patients who suffer from regenerative illnesses.

The new center, located at the CIMA Hospital in Escazú, will be headed by Leslie Mesen, M.D., a specialist in anti-aging medicine.

The new center is part of Global Stem Cells Group’s worldwide expansion of its clinical presence, partnering with qualified physicians experienced in stem cell therapies to open new clinics and utilize GSCG stem cell products and protocols inpatient treatments. GSCG has established similar alliances in 33 cities worldwide.

The new center’s location at the CIMA Hospital in Escazú offers a safe and luxurious venue for patients traveling from the U.S. and other countries for treatment.

Mesen studied medicine at the Ibero-American University (UNIBE) in San José, Costa Rica. He leads numerous regenerative medicine courses in the United States and throughout Latin America. He is board certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine by The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Mesen has served as chief medical officer of three highly-recognized anti-aging institutes, including the Costagenics Age Management program (2007-2010), Anti-Aging Institute of the Americas (2010-2013) and the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic (2014-present).

The new center in Escazú is equipped with the latest, cutting-edge regenerative medicine technology. Mesen was trained in Global Stem Cells Group facilities in the U.S.

“This new center, headed by Dr. Mesen, is a perfect reflection of Global Stem Cells Group’s commitment to meet the growing needs of clients and patients,” says GSCG founder and CEO Benito Novas. “Together with Dr. Mesen, we will continue to provide the latest medical technology and benefits available through our regenerative medicine products and protocols.

Global Stem Cells Group hopes to approve five more franchises in early 2108. If you are a pysician interested in learning more about joining the world’s largest regenerative medicine practitioner network please contact us

GSCG provides stem cell treatments for a variety of conditions, diseases, and aesthetic treatments at facilities worldwide. The new facility will have an international staff experienced in administering the leading cellular therapies available.

Global Stem Cells Group’s Escazú clinic is certified for the medical tourism market, and staff physicians are board-certified or board-eligible. GSCG clinics provide services in more than 10 specialties, attracting patients from the United States and around the world.

GSCG is committed to providing the highest standards of services and technology, expert and compassionate care, and a philosophy of exceeding the expectations of their international patients.

To learn more about Global Stem Cells Group, visit the GSCG website,  email, or call +1305 560 533

About Global Stem Cells Group:

Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) is a worldwide network that combines seven major medical corporations, each focused on furthering scientific and technological advancements to lead cutting-edge stem cell development, treatments, and training. The united efforts of GSCG’s affiliate companies provide medical practitioners with a one-stop hub for stem cell solutions that adhere to the highest medical standards.

Global Stem Cell Group’s aim is to be the largest recognized stem cell and regenerative medicine network in the world.



Escazú, Costa Rica.