Adimarket launches website







Adimatket launches website


AdiMarket has launched a new website offering regenerative medicine customers new product and purchasing options on an e-commerce mega-store scale.

MIAMI, Nov. 9, 2017—Adimarket, a leading provider of in-office regenerative medicine products and solutions, has changed its corporate mission and launched a new website to reflect its new direction toward online mega-store status. The aim is to become the eBay or Amazon of regenerative medicine products.

Adimarket, a subsidiary of Global Stem Cells Group, has a new mission that borrows from marketplace strategies used by e-commerce giants Amazon and eBay, which means more products and more buying options for regenerative medicine practitioners.

eBay and Amazon are arguably the two biggest e-commerce sites out there, but they function very differently. AdiMarket’s new website utilizes e-commerce strategies of both. eBay’s model takes no inventory and acts as an intermediary that facilitates peer-to-peer (P2P) commerce. Amazon, in addition to warehousing inventory, utilizes an end-to-end production to consumer (P2C) model that allows buyers to purchase from independent companies directly from the Amazon website, and products are shipped directly from producers to consumers, with no intermediary necessary for greater convenience.

Despite their contrary e-commerce strategies, Amazon and eBay are each other’s fiercest competitors. Both companies’ approaches have pros and cons—it’s the pros of the two strategies that AdiMarket is leveraging to achieve its new corporate mission. The company will stock and promote regenerative medicine products for specific brands and manufacturers, and at the same time promote products from all providers of regenerative medicine products, systems, kits, and equipment using P2C commerce platform as well as a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform.

“We’re positioning Adimarket to become the largest e-commerce marketplace for all things regenerative medicine,” says Benito Novas, founder and CEO of Global Stem Cells Group. “We aim to be the go-to, one-stop-shop for all regenerative medicine that physicians and practitioners want or need.”

In addition, AdiMarket now has the capabilities to build and install high-performing in-office laboratories for physicians and practitioners requiring more complex lab equipment for stem cell culturing, expansion, and cryopreservation.
To learn more about Adimarket’s new mission and expanded e-commerce marketplace, visit https://www.adimarket.netemail, email, or call +1305 560 5337.

About AdiMarket:

Adimarket, Inc., a division of the Global Stem Cells Group, is a one-stop, cost-competitive online marketplace for quality regenerative medicine equipment and supplies for physicians and health care professionals.

Adimarket was founded to provide practitioners the tools they need to practice regenerative medicine in a medical office setting. Motivated by a firm belief in the impact stem cell medicine can have when dispensed in a doctor’s office, Adimarket provides physicians with the tools they need to provide patients with cutting-edge treatments.

About Global Stem Cells Group:

Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) is a worldwide network that combines seven major medical corporations, each focused on furthering scientific and technological advancements to lead cutting-edge stem cell development, treatments, and training. The united efforts of GSCG’s affiliate companies provide medical practitioners with a one-stop hub for stem cell solutions that adhere to the highest medical standards.


Adimarket launches website