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                                                                            Magellan Autologous Platelet Separator

Global Stem Cells Group and its subsidiary Adimarket named representatives for Magellan Autologous Platelet Separator in Latin America and Middle East.

 MIAMI, Nov. 29, 2017— Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG), a world leader in stem cell and regenerative medicine, and its subsidiary Adimarket have been named to represent the Magellan Autologous Platelet Separator in Latin America and Middle East.

Developed by Arteriorcyte Medical Systems, a leading medical device company headquartered in Hopkinton, Mass., the Magellan Autologous Platelet Separator is a high-tech, automated dual spin processing system designed for use in clinical laboratories or intraoperatively at the point-of-care for safe and rapid preparation of high-quality, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) as well as platelet poor plasma (PPP).

Global Stem Cells Group CEO Benito Novas says the Magellan system is a perfect fit for GSCG and Adimarket’s ever-growing list of high-tech regenerative medicine products and equipment, made available to physicians and qualified practitioners through the Adimarket online store.

“We share Arteriocyte’s commitment to research and development of blood component technology to advance treatments that benefit patients in the field of regenerative medicine,” Novas says. “The Magellan system furthers GSCG’s drive to invest in platelet separation technologies that focus on the development of new surgical applications for PRP and elevates these technologies to the next level.”

The fully-automated Magellan system is specifically designed to fractionate blood at bedside without a need for manual manipulation. At the end of its cycle, the Magellan PRP is delivered into a collection syringe, ready for immediate application.

As an industry leader, Adimarket added the Magellan Autologous Platelet Separator System to its online regenerative medicine store to allow physicians to meet the specific needs of each patient with fully customizable product volumes and platelet concentrations. The system can be programmed to deliver a volume of 3 – 10 mL from each processing cycle, allowing practitioners to customize the concentration per mL within the PRP.  The Magellan system is approved for three processing cycles per disposable separation chamber, allowing for a maximum of 30 mL of product.

For more information, visit the Adimarket regenerative medicine online store website, email, or call 305-560-5337.

About Global Stem Cells Group:

Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) is a worldwide network that combines seven major medical corporations, each focused on furthering scientific and technological advancements to lead cutting-edge stem cell development, treatments, and training. The united efforts of GSCG’s affiliate companies provide medical practitioners with a one-stop hub for stem cell solutions that adhere to the highest medical standards.

Global stem cell’s mission is to be the largest recognized stem cell and regenerative medicine network in the world.

About Adimarket:

Adimarket, Inc., a division of the Global Stem Cells Group, is a one-stop, cost-competitive online marketplace for quality regenerative medicine equipment and supplies for physicians and health care professionals.

Adimarket was founded to provide practitioners the tools they need to practice regenerative medicine in a medical office setting. Motivated by a firm belief in the impact stem cell medicine can have when dispensed in a doctor’s office, Adimarket provides physicians with the tools they need to provide patients with cutting-edge treatments.

About Arteriorcyte Medical Systems:
Magellan Autologous Platelet Separator
Arteriocyte Medical Systems, Inc. is a leading medical device company committed to developing and marketing novel medical products to help patients heal faster. Established in 2007 by Arteriocyte, Inc. and DW Healthcare Partners, Arteriocyte Medical Systems is devoted to providing innovative solutions to patients and medical professionals to address serious unmet medical needs particularly in cardiac, orthopedic and vascular surgeries.


Magellan Autologous platelet separator