The International Association for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) will be conducting a regenerative medicine certification course for physicians in Buenos Aires Nov. 26-27, 2017. The two-day intensive training course teaches trainees extraction, isolation, and application of PRP, adipose, and bone marrow stem cells.


regenerative medicine certification training

MIAMI, Nov. 9, 2017— The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), a global leader in regenerative medicine training, has announced plans to conduct regenerative medicine certification training for physicians in Buenos Aires, Argentina November 26 – 27, 2017.

The ISSCA training course, available to qualified physicians interested in adding regenerative medicine to their practice procedures, provides hands-on, practical instruction under the guidance of trained medical experts in a highly visual, interactive, and clinical learning environment.

.ISSCA’s medical professionals teach reintegration and procedural techniques on live patients using different protocols for isolating stem cells. Trainees will participate in different medical cases under the supervision of trained specialists.

This hands-on stem cell training course provides each participant with a live demonstration of the extraction, isolation, and application of PRP, adipose, and bone marrow stem cells. Techniques and materials used in the course, along with high-resolution, step-by-step procedure videos are provided for the participating physician’s future use and reference.

Led by ISSCA’s established team of skilled practitioners, this course is designed specifically to provide personalized instruction. Seats for each course are limited to 8-10 trainees, not only to suit each participant’s individual training needs but also to allow for professional networking.

Participants who complete the training will receive certification that documents their participation in and completion of the training, their and their knowledge and skills in the field of regenerative medicine. Certification candidates are required to provide proof of prior medical training and experience, and successfully complete a written as well as an oral/practical exam. Certification confirms a physician’s expertise in regenerative medicine.

​Certification procedures and requirements are key to the integrity of regenerative medicine. They furnish a reputable credential that is essential not only for patients to see, but also to a physician’s practice.

The Buenos Aires certification training course will mark the 11th event ISSCA has sponsored and hosted thus far in 2017. The organization is working to position itself as a reference point for regenerative medical practitioners worldwide. With a presence in more than 25 countries, physicians interested in certification can check for an ISSCA training course near them by visiting the website, email, or call +1305 560 5337.

About ISSCA:

The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) is a multidisciplinary community of scientists and physicians, all of whom aspire to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through advances in science, technology and the practice of regenerative medicine. ISSCA serves its members through advancements made to the specialty of regenerative medicine.

The ISSCA’s vision is to take a leadership position in promoting excellence and setting standards in the regenerative medicine fields of publication, research, education, training and certification.

As a medical specialty, regenerative medicine standards and certifications are essential, which is why ISSCA offers certification training in cities all over the world. The goal is to encourage more physicians to practice regenerative medicine and make it available to benefit patients both nationally and globally.  Incorporated under the Republic of Korea as a non-profit entity, the ISSCA is focused on promoting excellence and standards in the field of regenerative medicine.

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Regenerative medicine certification training