ISSCA announce plans to host the World Symposium on Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies in Venezuela Dec. 1, 2018,  Event organizers will sponsor 50 percent of event fees to provide most physicians in economically-strapped Venezuela with access to regenerative medicine education.

MIAMI,  Sept. 28  2018—International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), in keeping with its mission to promote regenerative medicine in clinical applications and provide clinical stem cell therapy training to physicians worldwide, announces plans to host the  World Symposium on Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies: “Adult Stem Cells. The immediate future of Medicine”  in Caracas, Venezuela December 1, 2018.

Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) CEO and ISSCA Vice President Benito Novas says the symposium is an important event for both organizations’ commitment to spreading knowledge and physician training in regenerative medicine to medical professionals worldwide. This commitment includes strategies to accommodate countries like Venezuela that lack the resources to train physicians to implement regenerative medicine procedures in clinical settings.

“Global Stem Cells Group understands the difficult financial conditions that are depriving Venezuelans of essential advances in medicine including cellular therapies that are being used to improve the quality of life for patients in countries around the world,” says Novas. “GSCG is committed to providing regenerative medicine training and education to physicians everywhere.”

According to Novas, the dire state of Venezuela ‘s health care system is a call-to-action for ISSCA and Global Stem Cells Group Group is sponsoring the event and funding 50 percent of event fee costs to ensure most Venezuelan physicians can attend.

The goal is to make economically and therapeutically viable regenerative medicine therapies available to Venezuelans by training and educating physicians throughout the country in stem cell therapies and protocols they can provide to patients in their clinics.

“The opportunity to sponsor this important symposium is very gratifying to us, as it resonates with GSCG’s core mission to bring regenerative medicine to countries around the world,” Novas says. “We’re driven by our conviction that stem cell medicine will bring transformative changes to the healthcare industry at a global level. 

“Regenerative cellular therapies are already replacing invasive treatment practices and improving quality of life outcomes for patients suffering from illnesses and injuries that are not treatable with traditional medicine, he says. “Global Stem Cells Group is motivated to take this first step toward making economically and therapeutically viable regenerative medicine therapies available to Venezuelans.

“This symposium is an important step toward making regenerative medicine education and training available to physicians in Venezuela.”

Symposium topics of focus include:

  • Clinical applications for regenerative medicine to treat sports injuries
  • Stem cell procedures to treat erectile dysfunction
  • How mesenchymal stem cells contribute to renal repair in the treatment of  acute tubular epithelial injury
  • Management of aging at the cellular level
  • Managing advanced aging with combined treatment plans that include surgical procedures
  • Restoration and assisted hair transplantation treatments with biomaterials and growth factors

More than 16  experts in the field of regenerative medicine will be featured speakers at the event, including:

  • Silvina Pastrana, Medical Director of Stem Cells Center Buenos Aires (Argentina), who will discuss stem cell therapy fundamentals and protocols in the medical office
  • Jose Benitez, M.D., Medical Director of Boston Médical Group (Spain), whose lecture will focus on the most recent successful regenerative medicine clinical trial for treating erectile diffusion.

The World Symposium on Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapies will be held Dec. 1, 2018 at the Marriott Hotel in Caracas, Venezuela. For more information and registration, visit the symposium website, email, or call +1305 560 5337.|

About ISSCA:

The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) is a multidisciplinary community of scientists and physicians, all of whom aspire to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through advances in science, technology and the practice of regenerative medicine.

ISSCA serves its members through advancements made in the specialty of regenerative medicine.ISSCA’s vision is to take a leadership position in promoting excellence and setting standards in the regenerative medicine fields of publication, research, education, training, and certification.

As a medical specialty, regenerative medicine standards and certifications are essential, which is why ISSCA offers certification training in cities all over the world. The goal is to encourage more physicians to practice regenerative medicine and make it available to benefit patients both nationally and globally. Incorporated under the Republic of Korea as a non-profit entity, the ISSCA is focused on promoting excellence and standards in the field of regenerative medicine.

About Global Stem Cells Group:

Global Stem Cells Group (GSCG) is a worldwide network that combines seven major medical corporations. Each corporation is focused on furthering scientific and technological advancements in cutting-edge stem cell research, development, treatment, and training. The united efforts of GSCG’s affiliate companies provide medical practitioners with an online, one-stop center for stem cell solutions that adhere to the highest medical standards.




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