Alfredo Hoyos, M.D., appointed regional director of ISSCA chapter in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

MIAMI, Nov. 22, 2017—The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) President Daeyong Kim, Ph.D., announced the appointment of Alfredo Hoyos, M.D., Regional Director of the ISSCA chapter in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

As regional director, Hoyos will promote ISSCA activities in those countries and collaborate with the organization to establish new standards for regenerative medicine protocols. Hoyos will be in charge of organizing two hands-on stem cell training courses to be held in Bogota March 2-3 and July 6-7, 2018. Hoyos will also be in charge of the International Regenerative Medicine Symposium to be held in Bogota in July, 2018.

Hoyos is a world-renowned board-certified plastic surgeon from Bogota, Colombia, specializing in aesthetic plastic surgery, maxillofacial surgery, and hand surgery. He earned his medical degree from El Rosario University, Colombia, and completed visiting fellowships in aesthetic surgery at New York University, in maxillofacial surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and in facial aesthetic surgery at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. He serves as chief scientific officer for ISSCA affiliate Global Stem Cells Group in Miami.

Hoyos invented high definition liposculpture (HDL) and dynamic definition in lipoplasty (4D) techniques, as well as other advanced techniques focused on body contouring. He has also refined techniques in fat transfer (buttock and pectoral lipograft) and breast augmentation.

“We are proud to have Dr. Hoyos representing ISSCA in South America, and look forward to working with him to promote ISSCA pursuits,” says Kim. “His expertise will significantly enhance our collaborative efforts to establish new standards for regenerative medicine protocols worldwide.”

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About ISSCA:

The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA) is a multidisciplinary community of scientists and physicians, all of whom aspire to treat diseases and lessen human suffering through advances in science, technology and the practice of regenerative medicine. ISSCA serves its members through advancements made to the specialty of regenerative medicine.

The ISSCA’s vision is to take a leadership position in promoting excellence and setting standards in the regenerative medicine fields of publication, research, education, training, and certification.

As a medical specialty, regenerative medicine standards and certifications are essential, which is why ISSCA offers certification training in cities all over the world. The goal is to encourage more physicians to practice regenerative medicine and make it available to benefit patients both nationally and globally.  Incorporated under the Republic of Korea as a non-profit entity, the ISSCA is focused on promoting excellence and standards in the field of regenerative medicine.