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Madrid, Spain – The International Society of Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), a promoter of excellence and hands-on education in the field of regenerative medicine today, this week announced they will be sponsoring the 16th International Congress of Anti-Aging in Madrid, Spain from October 5th to the 7th.

To take place at Hotel NH Madrid Ventas at Calle Biarritz, 2, 28028, the Congress will focus specifically on anti-aging and how regenerative medicine stands to revolutionize the industry. This will be the largest anti-aging Congress to take place in Europe this year, with over 100 speakers confirmed from all over the world, plus 800 attendees expected at the event.

“We work year-round to sponsor and host international events that encourage doctors and educators of regenerative medicine to come together and learn about what we’ve developed in our industry,” said Mr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of the Global Stem Cells Group “We expect this to be the biggest Congress in Europe for 2017, and can’t wait to network with the bright minds in attendance.”

The ISSCA will be presenting new regenerative medicine training that focuses on providing doctors with skills in pain management using stem cells today. They will also present training with an emphasis on Gynecology Cosmetology, to be held in Madrid February 24th and 25th of 2018. The training will allow doctors to incorporate more than 12 new protocols into their practice to treat regenerative diseases and improve aesthetic conditions.

“We are part of the vanguard of regenerative medicine, and we work to ensure through our Stem Cell Training program that we share the newest and most effective practices with the medical community today,” said Mr. Novas. “Our team oversees hands-on, immersive training and education that will equip all students with the skills and tools they need to bring regenerative medicine to their facilities today. Spread the word, and consider signing up with us for a course this February.”

The ISSCA two-day course is available to doctors from anywhere in the world. Space is limited, so interested students are encouraged to sign up quickly before the class fills up. A fully trained team of ISSCA doctors will oversee the course and provide support to all students part of the training.

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Morocco – The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), a leader in promoting excellence and setting standards in the field of publication, research, related education and certification in Regenerative Medicine, this week officially released a detailed scheduling for their forthcoming 5th International Regenerative Medicine Symposium, to be held on September 30, 2017 at the Hotel Sofitel Rabat in Morocco.


Focusing on the official event theme, “Outstanding challenge: Delivering the promise of stem cell therapies,” the symposium will begin with the welcoming and announcement of Dr. Benito Novas, the Founder and Owner of the Global Stem Cells Group.


ISSCA continues to deliver international Regenerative Medicine Symposiums around the world, with this forthcoming event to be our first in Africa,” said Mr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “After holding four symposiums in Latin America, our first African event will bring a level of speakers and lectures the likes of which have never been seen.”


Following Mr. Novas’ introduction, Daeyong Kim, PhD, will present “Stem Cells: A powerful tool in modern biomedical research,” followed by Himanshu Bansal, MD, presenting, “Cell therapies for neurological diseases.” After that, the symposium welcomes Ernesto Delgado Cidranes, PhD, speaking on, “Stem Cells: Relieving pain, restoring function, and generating hope,” followed by Dr. Martiza Novas discussing, “Fundementals of stem cell biology and clinical applicatins.” The morning session concludes with a panel discussion.


The afternoon features talks from Dr. Matias Fernandez Vina on “The Implant of Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Patients with Congestive Heart failure,” Joseph R. Purita, MD, with “Stem Cells and PRP to treat Orthopedic Conditions,” Amine Rafik, MD, PhD, on “The Role of Adipose Derived Stem Cells in the Wounds Healing,” concluding with Dr. Novas and the “Overview of the US and European Policy and Regulations on Stem Cell Research and Therapies.”  


ISSCA will announce their 2018 symposium information soon. Check out their next event at:


Barcelona, Spain – The International Society of Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), an international organization and educational system that promotes the study and expansion of regenerative medicine in our world today, this week announced they will be officially sponsoring the 7th International Conference on Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine to take place from October 2 to the 4 in Barcelona, Spain.

As an internationally regarded event that presents attendees with the ability to meet with some of the most important regenerative medical minds of our time, like practitioner Jose Purita of the Global Stem Cells Group, the International Conference will feature dozens of speakers with unique takes on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine today.

“As we work to establish our organization as a global standard for regenerative medicine in our world, we want to sponsor and collaborate with as many doctors, educators, and groups as possible along the way,” said Mr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We are thrilled to be sponsoring such a respected symposium event this weekend, and look forward to networking with the incredible minds in attendance.”

ISSCA has sponsored and hosted more than 10 events thus far in 2017. The organization is working to legitimize themselves as a reference for all regenerative medical practitioners around the world.

Right now, ISSCA hosts an International Regenerative Medicine Certification course for any physician who wants to add regenerative medicine to their practice. With a presence in more than 25-countries, interested attendees can check for their nearest city to an ISSCA training course here:

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San Jose, Costa Rica – Stem Cell Center Network, an international network of practitioners dedicated to promoting regenerative medicine research and patient treatment using stem cells today, this week announced in part of their effort to expand their foothold in medical communities around the world, they are opening a new facility in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Having rapidly expanded and aggressively launched new fellowships, programs, events, and more during the last 5-years, the Stem Cell Center Network has members practicing in 25 countries worldwide today.

The new Costa Rican center will be located in the prestigious Hospital CIMA with medical director Dr. Leslie Mesen presiding over the facility.

Dr. Mesen studied medicine at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) in San Jose, Costa Rica. He went onto receive his certification in anti-aging and regenerative medicine through the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. He also has extensive experience as a Chief Medical Officer by the three most recognized anti-aging institutes in the world today: Costagenics Age Management, Anti-Aging Institute of the Americas, and the Anti-Aging and Wellness Clinic.

“This new center will treat patients with different regenerative medical illnesses, but will place a special emphasis on Osteoarthritis,” said Dr. Mesen. “Our new facility will be a location where all Central American doctors can come to learn about regenerative protocols and the advancements being made in our industry today. I am incredibly excited to be working under the Stem Cell Network title, and look forward to many years as a program leader here in Costa Rica.”

Stem Cell Center Network has scheduled the next Regenerative Medicine Certification Training to take place on December 8th and 9th at the new Costa Rican facility. With only 10 spots available, applicants are encouraged to sign up soon for the hands-on training course.

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Seoul, Korea – The International Society for Stem Cells Applications (ISSCA), a leader in promoting excellence and setting standards in the field of publication, research, related education and certification in Regenerative Medicine, after the enormous success from their third Fellowship, they have a new date selection for their forthcoming 4th Fellowship Course in Seoul, Korea. To take place from January 14 to the 20, the fourth Fellowship will be on “Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering.”

ISSCA is the only one organization to able to provide a complete Cell Therapy and Engineering Tissue Fellowship focus on Regenerative Medicine Practitioner. This is the only fellowship of its kind supported by Korean Universities.

By completing the Fellowship course, students will be members of the International Society of Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), an international network of regenerative medical professionals and standard setters. They will have access to events, resources, training, and support moving forward.

“In this modular training program, a group of experienced academicians, involved in stem cell transplantation, present a series of topics to cover the general principles and practice of stem cell biology,” said Mr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “They also present evidence-based treatments for physicians to optimize the health of their patients.”

People from all over the world attend the Stem Cell Center Training Fellowships, from the U.S. and Mexico, to the Dominican Republic and Korea. Everyone is encouraged to consider the course.

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Rosario, Argentina – The International Society for Stem Cell Application (ISSCA), a collection of groups, individuals, and organizations that promote excellence in the field of regenerative medicine, this week announced they will be hosting a new South American medical congress: Jornadas Argentinas de Medicina Regenerativa.

To take place on November 24 and 25, 2017, the event will feature keynote speakers from ISSCA: Dr. Maritza Novas, Dr. Damian Siano, and Dr. Silvana Pastrana. The doctors will collectively speak on how regenerative medicine can help people suffering from a variety of conditions.

“We’ve barely even scratched the surface of potential for regenerative medicine, which is why it’s so important that we collectively gather and learn about what we’ve done thus far,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “This is a South American congress that will witness some of the greatest regenerative doctors of our time giving once-in-a-lifetime addresses to those in attendance.”

Dr. Siano will look specifically at sports injuries, and draw on his experience as a sports medicine specialist aiding professional athletes in the world today. Dr. Pastrana, the Medical Director of the Buenos Aires Stem Cells Center, will speak about how stem cells can help to increase aesthetic conditions. Dr. Novas, an ISSCA Fellowship in Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering, will look at the fundamentals of stem cell biology and clinical applications. He will cover a broad range of topics concerning MSCs during their transition from bench-side to bedside.

“The goal is to share with South American doctors a new perspective to treat patients using their own body through regenerative medicine,” said Dr. Novas.

Immediately following the congress, Stem Cells Training Inc. will be hosting a “Curso de Células Madre,” a two-day, comprehensive course certified by ISSCA that will be held in Buenos Aires.

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Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of regenerative medical doctors, physicians, and researchers that work together to advance the study of stem cells across the world today, this week announced they have on-boarded two new members of their Global Stem Cells Group Advisory Board.

Now welcoming Dr. Miguel Leon Donoso and Dr. Ernesto Novoa, the Global Stem Cells Group is constantly looking for new talent with real-world experience that contributes to the network’s commitment to regenerative medical discoveries.

“We are constantly evolving to establish more facilities, oversee more trainings, and work with even more talented doctors that share in our passion for stem cell therapy,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “As two doctors that have certainly earned a name for themselves on an international scale, we are honored to be welcoming Dr. Miguel Leon Donoso and Dr. Ernesto Novoa to our team.”

Dr. Miguel Leon Donoso graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Central University of Ecuador, with a degree in Medicine and Surgery. He is a specialist in Angiology and Vascular Surgery, with a degree from the Hospital of the Holy Cross and Saint Paul, in Barcelona, Spain. He carries a Master’s in Vascular Technology and Medicine from Saint Mary’s Hospital in London, England.

Dr. Ernesto Novoa graduated from the University of the Republic of Uruguay in 1977 with a degree in Medicine. He is a Hematology Fellow at the Shands Teaching Hospital in Gainesville, U.S. He is presently the Director of the Clinic Hematology Service at the Hospital Policial in Montevideo, Uruguay.


For more information, or to learn more about the two doctor’s experience, visit:

San Jose, Costa Rica – Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of stem cell physicians, researchers, and educators that work together to advance the study of regenerative medicine in our world today, this week announced they will be opening their next Stem Cells Center in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The center, to be placed at the SIMA Hospital in San Jose, will have the resources and personnel necessary to receive patients from all over the world. Headed by a medical director with a Medicine Board Certificate in the United States, the new center is poised to assess and treat numerous patients in need stem cell potential.

“As an international network of individuals, we are constantly looking for new spaces to establish our stem cell foothold,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We are working hard to expand our presence in South America, and having this new location in Costa Rica is going to be integral in our development as a regenerative medicinal entity.”

The new Stem Cells Center will focus specifically on Osteoarthritis using new protocols developed by the Global Stem Cells Group faculty members at the location. Through their unwavering support and expert medical training, the Stem Cells Center team will be ready to welcome and work with as many local patients as possible.

“The sky is the limit when it comes to the study of stem cells, which is why we are constantly working to develop new protocols and uncover new critical information for our patients,” said Dr. Novas. “Spread the word on our forthcoming center opening, and head on over to our platform to learn more about our principles today.”

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New treatment adds years to cancer diagnoses and quality of life during final years.

Santiago de Chile, Chile – Global Stem Cells Group, a global network of doctors, researchers, and students that work together to share information and advancements in the study of stem cell develop and extraction today, this week made a very strategic and important agreement with Recell Centro Clinica, Dr. Ramon Gutierrez in Santiago de Chile.

The agreement, which will provide doctors around the world with protocols that help people suffering from cancer, establishes opportunities for patients to increase the quality of their lives and will be able to extend the life expectancy of those living out their final years battling cancer.

“The potential for stem cell integration and advancements with regards to cancer are tremendous,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We are honored to be working with such a regarded institution today, and are confident that our knowledge and infrastructure behind stem cell development will complement Recell’s cancer research.”

To complement the agreement, Global Stem Cells Group and Recell Clinica will be holding their first training this November 10, 2017. The two-day training program will provide doctors with the ability to learn cellular immunotherapy and how it can be implemented with cancer patients. The program will wrap up by going over the protocols necessary to administer the immunotherapy, and equips each student with real-life knowledge and expertise moving forward.

“As a clinic that is passionate about providing our patients with a cutting edge chance at survival past a cancer diagnosis, we look forward to our collaboration with Global Stem Cells Group,” said Dr. Ramon Gutierrez.

Recell Clinica is the only private clinic in the eighth Latin American region that has an integrated pathological anatomy unit that guarantees full traceability of procedures.

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Morocco – Global Stem Cells Group, a global network of practitioners, doctors, researchers, and medical advocates that work in tandem to advance the study of regenerative medicine and stem cell development in our world today, this week, through their Stem Cell Conference subsidiary branch, officially announced their International Society for Stem Cells Application (ISSCA) 5th International Regenerative Medicine Symposium will officially take place at the Hotel Sofitel in Rabac.

Occurring this September 30, 2017, the symposium stands to bring together the industry’s leading thinkers and doctors for days of collaboration.

To complement the hosting of the symposium, Global Stem Cells Group also announced a scientific program with three different modules that will be made available to event attendees.

“We are constantly developing new events, programs, and educational opportunities that provide doctors and students with the ability to learn about regenerative medicine in a live and supportive environment,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “We are incredibly excited to be hosting our symposium at the Hotel Sofitel, and we look forward to administering our scientific program to all who are interested.

Module 1, Biologic and Molecular basis for Regenerative Medicine, includes cellular culture and expansion, therapeutic potential, bioactive agents, plus much more. Module 2, Therapeutic Applications: Adult Stem Cells from Bench to Bedside, goes through regenerative orthopedics, protocols, and clinical experiences for students. Lastly, Module 3, Regulations, Marketing and Global Overview of the Stem Cell Industry, is a U.S. Research Policy and Stem Cells overview of the FDA regulatory process today.

To learn more about the program, visit

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