Novi Sad, Serbia – Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of doctors, physicians, and researchers that work together to exchange findings and information regarding stem cells and regenerative medicine in our world today, this week announced they are officially sponsoring the Orto-Cell Fourth Symposium of Regenerative Medicine. To be held from September 14 to the 16, the Symposium will take place at the Hotel Hyatt in Belgrade.

Hosted by the Association for Regenerative Orthopedics Orto-Cell, another network of physicians working towards discoveries with stem cells today, the Symposium will focus specifically on the “Application of stem cells in regenerative orthopedics.”

“We are excited to be sponsoring this incredible international event that brings together leaders and researchers from around the world adept in stem cell discoveries,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “Present to share our personal experiences and discoveries in the field of regenerative medicine, we look forward to collaborating with all in attendance.”

Global Stem Cells Group will be sharing their experiences on Stem Cells Clinic Applications and how regenerative medicine is monitored and practiced in offices today. Interested in finding a new partner so they can expand their brand further into Europe, Global Stem Cells Group will be meeting with members of Orto-Cell to learn more about the opportunities available in Europe today.

“We’ll be covering sampling, preparation, and application of stem cells in regenerative orthopedics, sampling capabilities, applications and protocols of treating patients by various blood derivatives at this symposium,” said Prof. Dr. Dusan Maric, President of the Orto Cell Society. “We thank the Global Stem Cell Group for their sponsorship, and look forward to this constructive event.”

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Buenos Aires – Global Stem Cells Group, an international network of medical professionals, doctors, and researchers all passionate about advancing the findings and developments in the stem cell and regenerative medical fields today, this past week received an honorable recognition during their medical symposium hosted in Buenos Aires on August 11, 2017.

Officially the recipients of a prize that recognizes them as a “Worldwide Leader in Providing Doctors with Capabilities and Knowledge About Regenerative Medicine,” Global Stem Cells Group was provided the distinction by the Medical University of Buenos Aires under the leadership of Dean Sergio Luis Provenzano, MD, as well as El Portal Medestetica, an online medical magazine.

“As a growing network of passionate professionals that work in tandem to advance the study of regenerative medicine, it is a complete honor to be bestowed such a title,” said Dr. Benito Novas, Founder and Owner of Global Stem Cells Group. “Not to mention, with our increasing focus on providing educational programs and classes, we are thrilled to be regarded as a leader in the knowledge of regenerative medicine today.”

El Portal Medestetica, an online medical magazine with an international reader-base of medical professionals, felt that Global Stem Cells Group lived up to the criteria for being a worldwide leader. The Dean of Buenos Aires Medical School provided the actual handover of the award.

“As an institution intent on providing our students with the very best information, education, and hands-on training available to them today, we felt that an organization like the Global Stem Cells Group only made sense as the award recipient,” said Dr. Provenzano.


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